Why you should consider a Cold Weather Cord

Why you should consider a Cold Weather Cord

A common misconception people hold when purchasing extension cords, is that any cord will do. For this reason it is important to put a lot of forethought into what features a cord will need to get the job done. You need to make sure that the cord is long enough, not going to break and meets necessary safety precautions. It is also important to consider the materials the cord is made out of and if they are going to withstand whatever environment they are placed in.


In particular, when it comes to outside projects there is a lot that can go wrong as mother nature can be pretty unforgiving. Cold weather extension cords are an option worth considering if there is a chance that they will be used in sub-zero temperatures. It is important to remember that chilly climates can harden the outer covering of the cords, making it easier to break and become exposed. These cords are designed to hold up in freezing cold weather and prevent against damages to the outer covering of the cord. The reality is that a less costly cord faces the possibility of becoming exposed to the frosty weather and becoming damaged in the process. It can be incredibly dangerous if an extension cord were to break and become exposed to the outside. It can cause electrical malfunctions which could lead to system shutdowns or worse.


Our cold weather extension cords are designed to insulate and safeguard against freezing temperatures. They are made with unique compositions that allows the outer covering of the cord to remain flexible and durable in the face of sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, our cords come in vibrant colors (pink, yellow, orange etc.)  which makes it easier to locate the cords in snow.


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