Don't Get Shocked, Get Grounded!

Don't Get Shocked, Get Grounded!

Why is having an electrical ground important?

A ground is defined as a direct or indirect electrical connection to the earth.  

Unlike the picture, electrical shock is no laughing matter.  An electrical fault can produce deadly amounts of high voltage electricity in your system.  Having a ground redirects this dangerous current flow by providing a path of least resistance to the earth.  Electricity goes somewhere else rather than into you, saving your life.

For example, an outlet with a properly functioning ground redirects dangerous current flow to the circuit breaker, allowing it to trip immediately to eliminate the hazard.  So a ground prevents you, and everything else connected to your system, from being "fried".

CGM - Bringing safety to a new level!

CGM stands for Continuous Ground Monitoring.  This is a patented safety feature only available on our Pro Glo, Pro Lock and Sub Zero extension cords.  No one else in the industry has this technology incorporated on their cords.

These CGM equipped cords feature a green lighted connector that indicates the cord is plugged into a circuit with a properly functioning ground.  If the green light fails to turn on, there is a big possibility that the circuit has lost ground continuity.

In addition to this, our CGM cords have an amber lighted male plug that turns on when plugged into an outlet that has power.  This saves you time, and eliminates guesswork at the jobsite.

*Note:  Our CGM cords are not a substitute for a circuit tester.  It is a supplementary line of defense for identifying faulty grounds at the jobsite.


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