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The Correct Way to Coil and Store an Extension Cord

The Correct Way to Coil and Store an Extension Cord

One of the best ways to maximize your investments into quality extension cords, is exercising proper care and maintenance of them. Just because your extension cords may be heavy duty, does not mean you should neglect from maintaining and storing them properly. By properly storing your extension cords, you are increasing the lifetime value they offer and ensuring peak performance year after year. So what is the proper way to maintain and store your extension cords? Read on to find out!

It is important to note that there are varying opinions on proper extension cord care. Most people often resort to the hand over elbow method to coild their extension cords, but this can lead to tangles and snared cords. Some pro’s advocate for the “carpenter’s wrap” while others champion the “chaining” method of coiling extension cords. These are both acceptable methods of coiling your extension cords, but we think the optimal method is the “straight coil”. This is a coiling method where you wrap your cord in a clockwise direction over and over. Pretty simple and minimizes complications.

Now it is time to store you coiled extension cord in a proper way. There are a few ways you can store your cord depending on the type of extension cord you have. Assuming you have a basic lightweight cord, you can simply hang in on a cord reel attached to a wall or ceiling. However, heavy duty extension cords are a different matter and require a little more strategy than lightweight cords. Everyone tackles heavy duty extension cord storage differently. A couple methods include:

  •       Suspending the cord from a hose butler attached to a wall.
  •       Suspending the cord from a bicycle hook attached to a wall.
  •       Fasten the cord with velcro straps store in a box.
  •       Wrap the cord with coat hanger wire, making sure to leave a few inches of extra wire trailing from the cord. Use the extra wire to hang the cord from a hook on a wall.

Now that your cord has been properly coiled and stored, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your extension cord will last for years to come!


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