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Extension Cord Safety Tips

It is important to remember that extension cords can be dangerous when proper care is not exercised. Couple that with the fact that extension cords are prevalent in our daily lives (in the home, office, construction site etc.), and you could have a potential disaster on your hands.
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The Correct Way to Coil and Store an Extension Cord

One of the best ways to maximize your investments into quality extension cords, is exercising proper care and maintenance of them. Just because your extension cords may be heavy duty, does not mean you should neglect from maintaining and storing them properly.
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Why you should consider a Cold Weather Cord

A common misconception people hold when purchasing extension cords, is that any cord will do. For this reason it is important to put a lot of forethought into what features a cord will need to get the job done.
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Don't Get Shocked, Get Grounded!

CGM stands for Continuous Ground Monitoring. This is a patented safety feature only available on our Pro Glo, Pro Lock and Sub Zero extension cords. No one else in the industry has this technology incorporated on their cords.
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