Extra Flexible Coldweather DI TW Submersible Pump Cable

This cable is recommended for use in temperatures well below freezing.

Special -25°C coldweather jacket is extruded over our 100% bunch stranded copper conductors for maximum flexibility. As a result, these cables are extra flexible in coldweather

and easier to install.

Product Number Size OTT / #Cond. Copper Const. Ground AWG Insulation Thickness Jacket Thickness Major O.D. Inches Minor O.D. Inches Put Ups Reels
31712 12/3 65 x 30 12 45mils 30mils 0.243 0.845 1000
31710 10/3 104 x 30 10 45mils 45mils 0.971 0.297 1000


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