Mi-T-M Trash Pumps with the Honda GX Engine

Our Mi-T-M Semi-Trash Pumps are built with the legendary Honda OHV engine offer

unmatched performance. Construction contractors use trash pumps for fast removal of water

that is littered with common debris including slurries, composites and paper. Our Mi-T-M trash pumps are powered by Honda engines, which are known for their reliability and performance.

They are backed by a 2-year factory warranty on the pumps and a 3-year warranty on the Honda engines to guarantee years of heavy-duty service.


Exclusive Product Features:

• Fastest water removal rate at 9,720 gallons per hour on the 2-inch pump and 16,650 gallons

   per hour on the 3-inch pump

• Trouble-free no clog design guarantees fast water removal

• 2-inch pump can handle up to 3/4-inch solids and the 3-inch pump up to 1-1/4-inch solids

• Mechanical silicon carbide seal for longevity and performance

• Precision molded cast iron parts guarantees reduced vibration and wear

• Heavy-duty welded steel frame to protect both the pump and the motor from jobsite abuse

• Honda gas operated engines with 1/2-gallon fuel tank capacity for 2-inch pumps and

   1-gallon for the 3-inch pump

• 2-year warranty on the pumps, 3-year warranty on the Honda engine


Product Number Item Description Suction Discharge Size P
Capacity (gal/hr) Fuel Tank (gal) Max Total Head (ft)* Suction Lift (ft)* Dimensions Weight (lbs)
02MT2033 Mi-T-M WTP-S02-1MGH 2" Gal/M 50 PSI Semi-Trash Water Pump 2' x 2'  50  9.72 0.53 115 28 20.50 x 17.00 x 16.25 71
02MT2034 Mi-T-M WTP-s03-1MGH 3" Gal/M 45 PSI Semi-Trash Water Pump 3" x 3" 45 16.65 0.83 104 28 21.25 x 17.25 x 18.25 82

* Head is the height at which a pump can raise water up

** Suction Lift is the vertical distance that the pump can be above the liquid source


  • Heavy-duty, impact resistant wraparound steel frame powder coated abrasion against peel out paint

   •  Low profile, compact design guarantees protection of the engine

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