Milspec Single Conductor Type W Cable (2000V)

When a premium portable power generation cable is needed, our single conductor Type W – 2KV cable will do the job. This cable was designed for outdoor use where rough service jobsite use and conditions are expected. Our special vulcanized rubber uninsulated jacket is water, oil and sunlight (UV) resistant. It also provides good resistance to heat, flame and chemicals. Finally, the conductor is constructed with 100% electrolytic copper which is bunch stranded for maximum flexibility under full load.

Product Number Length Ft. AWG
AMPS Copper Const. Nom INS
OD Inches Jacket Color Packaging Weight (Lbs / Ft.)
29900744 Any 2/O 300 1248X30 0.090 0.825 Black Reel .653/FT
29900747 Any 4/O 405 2054X30 0.090 0.980 Black Reel 1.056/FT
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