Lenco Welding Lead Connectors

Lenco connectors feature:

  •     Heavy duty forged brass connectors for positive contacting
  •     Set screw assembly for secure cable connection
  •     Heavy duty elastomer jacketing for superior chemical, heat, and impact resistance

Give us your custom cable requirements, we can provide the cable, welding lead connectors, and assembly in one delivered price. With over 30 years of proven experience in this industry, you can count on our quality workmanship.


Lenco Part # Century Part Number Description Gage
AMPS Color Qty
Weight (lbs / Carton)
LC-10 LNLC-10 Welding Cable Connector Male & Female Set #4 - 1/O 250 Black 1 0.60
LC-40 LNLC-40 Welding Cable Connector Male & Female Set 1/O - 2/O 350 Black 1 0.90
LC-40BLU LNLC-40BLU Welding Cable Connector Male & Female Set 1/O - 2/O 350 Blue 1 0.85
LC40HD LNLC-40HD Welding Cable Connector Male & Female Set 3/O - 4/O 500 Black 1 0.95


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