Power Tech® Heating Cable

Power Tech® Roof Snow Removal and Gutter De-Icing Systems help avoid severe and expensive damage caused by excess snow over roofs, and ice buildup in gutters.  Roof damage caused by snow and frozen gutters can be eliminated by installing our Roof and Gutter Heating Cables.


This cable can also be used as pipe heat wrap to prevent water pipes from freezing up and cracking.  Power Tech® Heating cables regulate water temperatures, prevent freezing and maintain constant water flow in pipes during winter months.  Since frozen liquid expands, ice formation may cause pipes to rupture or burst.  Using our pipe freeze protection cable is a necessity.


All Power Tech Heat Cables are self-regulating.  They adjust heat output to compensate for temperature changes, effectively melting ice and snow buildup without the use of an expensive thermostat.  The specially designed polymers have special conductive cores that automatically warm up as ambient temperature drops, and cool down when the temperature rises. 

Item number Item description Qty Per Case Inner Box Size (in) Outer Box Size (in) Weight
Per Box
WJ120050 50' Reel Heat Cable 120V 12 8.5x8.5x3.5 17x17x11 42.5
WJ120100 100' Reel Heat Cable 120V 8 11x11x160 22x21x14 97.0
WJ120250 250' Reel Heat Cable 120V 1 no inner box 11x11x11 26.0
WJ120500 500' Reel Heat Cable 120V 1 no inner box 15x15x13 48.0
WJ240050 50' Reel Heat Cable 240V 12 8.5x8.5x3.5 17x17x11 42.5
WJ240100 100' Reel Heat Cable 240V 8 11x11x160 22x21x14 97.0
WJ240250 250' Reel Heat Cable 240V 1 no inner box 11x11x11 26.0
WJ240500 500' Reel Heat Cable 240V 1 no inner box 15x15x13 48.0
      Plastic Bag Size (in)    
WJ20SR00 Power Connection Kit 40 11x5 12.5x12.5x8 21.0
WJ20SR03 Application Tape with Labels 80 11x5 12.5x12.5x8 10.0
WJ20SR08 Plug In Cordset 120V GFCI 50 11x5 12.5x12.5x8 13.0
WJ20SR10 Splice / Tee Kit 80 11x4 12.5x12.5x 8 18.5
WJ20SR12 End Seal Kit 60 14x3.5 12.5x12.5x8 21.0
WJ20SR13 Roof Clips 10 Pack 30 11x5 16.5x16.5x13 17.0
WJ20SR15 Hanger Downspout 50 11x4 12.5x12.5x8 6.5
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