Pro Grip® RV, Motor Home and Generator Adapters

Our heavy duty Pro Grip® RV, Motor Home and Generator Adapters are a must have for everyone who has a RV, Travel Trailer, Mobile Home or Generator. These adapters give the traveler the versatility to connect their travel homes and equipment to all types of extension cords and power outlets found in RV and Trailer parks, Camp Grounds, Residential Homes or Portable Power Generators. Now, you’ll be able to adapt and use various combinations of 15A, 30A or 50A plugs, connectors or power outlets. All Pro Grip® Adapters have our fold away nylon handles that allow the user to safely, easily and quickly disconnect our ends from other cords or power outlets.

Product Number Length
AWG Size Amps Color Quantity Per Carton Weight (lbs/Carton)
D19091530 1.5 10/3 15 Black 50 46
D19093015 1.5 10/3 30 Black 50 43
D19093050 1.5 10/3 30 Black 50 72
D19095030 1.5 10/3 50 Black 50 68
D19099015 1.5 10/3 30 Yellow 12 22
D19083030 1.5 10/3 30 Black 50 55
D19004218 3 10/3 30 Black 12 20


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