Milspec PowerTech® GFCI Extension Cords and Adapters

Our PowerTech® 20A GFCI extension cords and adapters are the best in the industry for applications requiring ground fault safety protection, maximum performance and reliability. The GFCI solid state construction provides years of trouble free protection and interrupts the electrical circuit to a load when a fault circuit of 6mA or more is detected. PowerTech® GFCI’s need to be manually reset after a trip incident, an important feature that prevents the equipment from restarting unattended after the incident. Our SJTW (300V) cords use soft-drawn, bunch stranded 100% copper with molded on plugs and connectors which have large strain reliefs that prevent the ends from pulling away from the cord body. Our cords are manufactured with cold weather insulating and jacketing compounds. As a result, PowerTech® cords are extra flexible in temperatures well below freezing.

Custom Print Available… Absolutely Free… Allow 7 Extra Days For Delivery!
We’ll print your company’s name and telephone number every 12 inches down the entire length of the cord. Your printed cords will discourage theft when used at the jobsite; provide instant advertising; and company recognition which will promote more business.

Product Number Length Ft. AWG Size Amps Color Quantity Per Carton Weight (lbs / Carton)
D18012003 3 12/3 20 Yellow 35 42
D18012025 25 12/3 20 Yellow 12 49
D18012050 50 12/3 20 Yellow 6 46
D18012100 100 12/3 20 Yellow 4 54


PowerTech® GFCI Triple Tap Extension Cords and Adapters

Product Number Length Ft. AWG Size Amps Color Quantity Per Carton Weight (lbs / Carton)
D18020008 3 12/3 20 Black 35 55
D18020003 3 12/3 20 Yellow 35 55
D18030025 25 12/3 20 Blue 12 53
D18030050 50 12/3 20 Blue 6 46
D18030100 100 12/3 20 Blue 4 56


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