Custom Cord & Print Program

Our custom print program was created for your company's use.

All Milspec® customers can now customize their extension cords for free!

Now you can deter theft, show your business colors & print additional information,

including your company name and telephone number continuously down the

length of your extension cords.


It's because we're a factory! You save money! Milspec Industries can make cords

with all the extra features your company chooses. Most important, it won't cost you

an extra dime. Large box store chains and national retailers don't offer these

features. Here's what you should know before ordering your extension cords.


1.) All 10/3, 12/3 and 14/3 extension cords are eligible for our Custom Print Program.

2.) Choose your cord size, length, type and jacket color.

3.) We'll repeat print the legend (words) of your choice every 2" apart down the

     cords length in black ink print.

4.) An example of a popular print legend is as follows:


     Property of Harris and Millwright General Contractors (989) 563-8700


We want your future business and to ensure your loyalty, Milspec will build and provide

you with our finest quality extension cords. Your cords will come with all the features you

choose at our most Competitive Factory Direct Prices.

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